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The follow links might be useful in your work in Conductive Education:

Action Cerebral Palsy - Action Cerebral Palsy is a UK charity which works with a range of stakeholders to improve outcomes for children and young people with cerebral palsies and their families.
An insight into the benefits of Conductive Education
Belgian Conductors Association
Birmingham City University - Conductor Training - BA(Hons) Conductive Education
CEPEG and PCA Facebook Group
CEPEG and PCA Facebook Page
Conductive Care - Blog
Conductive Education for Children With Cerebral Palsy: Effects on Hand Motor Functions Relevant to Activities of Daily Living…
Conductive education intervention for children with cerebral palsy: an AACPDM evidence report - Johanna Darrah, Beth Watkins, Lucia Chen and Cindy Bonin…
Conductive Education Press
Conductive Education: the unfinished story - Special World Article…
Conductive Education: towards an ‘educational model’ - Caroline Coles & Liz Zsargo
Conductive World Blog
Developmental gains in early intervention based on conductive education by young children with motor disorders - Liberty, K.…
Effectiveness of intensive training for children with Cerebral Palsy: a comparison between child and youth rehabilitation and conductive education - Ödman, Pia. & Linköping Univer
Effectiveness of Physiotherapy and Conductive Education Interventions in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Focused Review…
European Conductive Association (ECA)
Exploring the comparative responsiveness of a core set of outcome measures in a school‐based conductive education programme - F. V. Wright K. Boschen & J. Jutai
German Conductors Association
How effective are programs based on conductive education? A report of two studies - Sandra Bochner, Yola Center, Chris Chapparo & Michelle Donelly
Judit Szathmary - CE Blog
Online CE portal
Quality standards for children and young people with Cerebral Palsy - NICE guidelines
Swedish Conductors Association
The Conductive College - Assistant, Conductor and Post Graduate CE Training Opportunities
Virtual CE Library Catalogue

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