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Conductive Education, cueing and Parkinson's


Thursday 22 March 2018


Cannon Hill House, Russell Road, Moseley


B13 8RD

This workshop provides an overview of Conductive Education as a system for supporting people with Parkinson’s and has been used in the UK since 1990. Dr. Brown, who is presenting the workshop, completed her PhD in this field, and is an international expert on the application of CE to people with Parkinson's.
The workshop will combine theory with practical application and offer a unique insight into Parkinson’s.

This workshop will be of interest to: therapists, nurses, specialist nurses and all those working with people who have Parkinson’s.

Topics covered:
Understanding Parkinson’s from the ‘inside’
Impact of Parkinson’s on learning how to move
The link between language, thought and action
Dealing with motivation and depression
Optimising the learning experience
Practical workshop: How to use a range of external cues and conscious thought processes.

Presented by: Dr. Melanie Brown (Phd)
CEO National Institute of Conductive Education and Senior Conductor

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Phone: 0121 449 1569

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