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CE Awareness Week 2020


Monday 16 March 2020

Across the UK

We hold our annual CE Awareness Week in March. This is

to coincide with Hungarian Independence Day (March 15th) in recognition

of the roots of CE.

In the past we have had specific 'themes' for this

week but have now decided that we should retain one theme going forward

- increased awareness of CE. This will put us in line with other

campaigns where there is one focus for one week of the year.

So, this year the week runs from Sunday 15th March until Saturday 21st

March. You can use whatever time you want during that week. The aim is

for us all to create an awareness of our work, of CE and of course the


Please use social media to 'spread the word', take time each day to like

and share the work of others in the field of CE and of course post your

own work. Please tag @cepegpca on twitter and on FB. Make sure you are following both

of these too. By using social media we can also increase awareness of

our work UK wide. If we all use #conductiveeducation too that will help.

More information

To find out more about this event, please contact the organiser on the details below


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