COVID-19 members letter November 2020

November 2020

Dear PCA Members

As we enter this second period of lockdown in the next phase of this terrible pandemic, we want to reach out to you all. The prolonged difficult experiences this year has bought us is impacting on both our work and our personal lives equally, taking a toll on us all.

Firstly, there is our own health and wellbeing to look after. The lack of human connection, the psychological impact of isolation and the responsibility of supporting family members can all feel stressful. Many of you will have been affected directly by the virus with ill health and bereavement. Heading into winter won't help with the tiredness so many of us are feeling.

And then there is our work. Whatever sector of CE you are in, the pandemic is creating problems never encountered before. Many CE providers themselves are struggling with limited funds, staff furlough and redundancies. At the same time, CE providers have worked tirelessly for months to adapt and develop practice both virtually and face-to-face. We are seeing brilliance in CE practice, and innovation in overcoming barriers such as distance- working which were previously considered as insurmountable.

We have all learnt a lot from the first wave and in many ways, we are better prepared for the second. It is a relief to all of us that CE providers are, during this second lockdown, permitted within the legislation to remain open ( Of course your settings will make their own decisions about this legislation and must have undertaken their own risk assessment processes to ensure that sessions are provided safely for all concerned. However, whatever sector of CE you are in be it independent, education, voluntary or private roles it is good to know that we can continue to provide CE to those who need it.

Now, more than ever, our participants and their families need us. Out continued offer of Conductive Education to a huge number of people nationally will have made no small impact on both their physically and psychologically wellbeing during this time. Do not underestimate your important part in their lives. However, at the same time, do not underestimate the impact that doing so will have on you yourself.

We want to assure you that the PCA will continue to support its members now and in the future. Whilst as a volunteer committee our time and resources are particularly limited by the current situation, we also understand that it has never been more important for conductors and Conductive Education to pull together and support one another. We encourage you to make use of our online networking events, social media groups and website to keep up-to-date and in touch with your fellow members. As a committee we are also here to help if you have any questions simply email us at

Everyone is going to need to dig deep in this third phase but also we must not forget the value of kindness and our impact on others.

Take care and stay safe

The PCA Committee

Download our response to the COVID-19 pandemic from earlier in the year for guidelines and resources.

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