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CEPEG 12th Annual Conference 2017


Saturday 11 March 2017

The Curve Theatre

Rutland Street




Conductive Education is our Super Power

The 2017 CEPEG Conference was hosting by Steps Conductive Education Centre at The Curve Theatre in Leicester.

The theme of 'CE is our Superpower' brought a wide variety of presentations for delegates from transdiciplinary working, parent and participant perspectives to assessment and monitoring.


Fact or Fiction - Myths and Realities of SEN
Ann Rhodes
The Role of the Transdisciplinary Team in the EHCP process
Nicky Dodds & Lizzie Bell
Empowering parents through Conductive Education
Anne Emerson
What effect does the “process of diagnosis” of CP have on parents and what may the implications be for early years CE settings?
Fiona Holroyd
Introduction To Prechtl’s Method On The Qualitative Assessment Of General Movements In Preterm, Term And Young Infants
Indila Simandi
Seesaw: The Learning Journal
Bea Szeszak and David Cleal
Knock Knock... CE is our super power - a participant's perspective
Annamaria Berger
Small Steps SFP - Working Together, Achieving Together
Cilu Vago, Kasane Minowa-Astridge


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